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Since June, 2021, we have been monitoring each issue that the NGT is considering, with respect to the western Indian Himalayas. Here, we plot these issues on a google map. Subscribe to our newsletter to access the full tracker and receive weekly updates about our journey. Judicial orders from the first year of our tracking efforts can now be found in the first edition of our NGT handbook


It is crucial to make the position of the government on Climate Change and the environmental problems in the Himalayas accessible. This helps discern, to a large extent, (a) how the government understands these complex problems at present, and (b) where are these questions coming from.

We are continuously tracking disclosures made by the Government of India in the Lower and Upper Houses of the Indian Parliament relevant to the Himalayan region. These disclosures were made in response to questions raised by Members of Parliament in sessions beginning January 1st, 2021, and in the form of parliamentary reports. Questions were selected on the basis of reflection of words 'Climate Change' and 'Himalaya' in their titles on the official websites of the lower and upper houses of the Parliament (using the filters 'all words' + 'title'). 

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