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The Third Pole

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Our vision is to create a world where it is aspirational to engage with the law, especially from small towns—to serve communities and the planet.

Join us as we begin by establishing community spaces + libraries for protecting the Himalayas.


कहानी  ਕਹਾਣੀ  কাহিনী  Story  کہانی


The Center began as a website in the summer of 2021 in the midst of the pandemic in India. We decided early on to invest in first understanding ongoing environmental issues of the Himalayas, whilst making a commitment to locating ourselves in this region. We achieved this by seeking out information made available by community members & Government, and systematically recording our findings, from Dharamshala in beautiful Kangra valley. 


This process, now covering the larger third pole region, continues to attract talent from South Asia towards our internship program—leading to credible knowledge resources acclaimed by legal practitioners as well as academia. We have been equally focused on leveraging different formats to communicate our work with the world—google docs, letters, paperbacks, quick response codes and stickers, right here from Dharamshala. We are proud to have our work carried at Oxford, Princeton, Cambridge & Yale, and in the hands of the public, lawmakers, judges and bureaucrats across India.


Our journey till now has equipped us to partner with individuals, communities and organizations to address complex environmental issues of the third pole in an agile, authentic, bold and unique way that balances legal action with community advocacy. We are proudly building in India, with Indian money and for + from the Himalayas. 

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