Community Lawyering


Himalayan Advocacy Center follows a community lawyering model, in response to the increasing distance between the environment on the one hand and the legal institution on the other. 

Simply put, community lawyering requires that legal professionals step out of their offices (often in metropolitan cities) and become a part of the communities that they intend to work with, in an assisting, rather than controlling position.


Community lawyering is based on the need to focus on the grassroots, in order to drive institutional reform in governance. The Center aims to leverage the vast local institutional network which is responsible for implementing the ambitious environmental laws of India - From the Gram Sabha to Block and District level decision making authorities, for the benefit of local communities that find themselves at the frontline of a rapidly changing third pole that is the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. 

The Center aims to be a clearinghouse for these communities - may those be homeowners or farmers, self-help groups, or companies, that hope to register their concerns about the degrading environment with the government and judiciary. 

To do this, The Center uses concise, informed, and creative advocacy, in a way the legal institution has not yet, by merging community and legal expertise, in areas where it is needed the most - the frontline. 

In doing so, HAC aims to create much-needed livelihoods, for aspiring public interest lawyers, community organizers, and citizens of the Himalayan states, where the youth don't see opportunities anymore. 

Welcome to the Himalayan Advocacy Center, and please use the resources available here to begin protecting the Himalayan region, as an informed citizen.