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Begin advocating for the Himalayas now with OpenAI and our open source tracking

Step 1: Open our tracker and copy any case summary to your clipboard. Here is a sample summary: 

"Ashish Shaunik v. State of Himachal Pradesh (4th June, 2021) (Stone Crushing proximate to rivers and protected areas): ​


This case concerns the operation of stone crusher units in village Banala, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. According to the petitioner, the units were operating in close proximity to the Tirthan river, Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Sanctuary, the local government school, hospital, and reservoir of Larji Dam. The issue of a one time exemption granted to stone crushers affiliated with hydroelectric projects was also raised. This exemption was interpreted by the Government of Himachal Pradesh to be of a general nature. The Tribunal clarified that the exemption granted was limited to a specific instance of crusher units working only for the purpose of constructing the hydropower project using muck generated in the process of tunneling. 


Citing the precautionary principle, the Tribunal directed the stone crusher owner to prepare an action plan to mitigate the harm already caused by the units. The Tribunal directed that this plan be approved by the Himachal Pollution Control Board (“PCB”), and implemented within two months. The Tribunal also emphasized that in light of the precautionary principle, no exemption should be permitted from existing environmental norms."

Step 2: Follow this link to create an account on OpenAI ChatGPT

Step 3: Prompt OpenAI to convert the case summary to a letter to a stakeholder of your choosing. Here are a few sample prompts: 

"Convert the following text to a letter to the Chief Secretary of Himachal Pradesh (paste the selected case summary) 

Convert the following text to a letter to the Chief Secretary of Himachal Pradesh with additional information on the impacts to the (type name of resource, for instance Tirthan river from the summary above) (paste the selected case summary)"  

Step 4: Play with your prompts to create a detailed letter to any stakeholder. For instance, you can use these letters to remind the stakeholder concerned about judicial orders applicable to the Himalayas. 

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