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Rio Azul Lago Escondido Protected Area

Introduction to the Rio Azul - Lago Escondido Protected Natural Area

Welcome to the ANPRALE Landing Page,


We aim to understand how farmer communities interact with protected areas in Argentina. Shifting our frame of reference from the Himalayas and the common law system of India to the Andes, which is governed by a civil legal system, will shed light on how a different culture imagines the protection of wilderness. We hope to use what we uncover from this understanding to further advocacy efforts in both countries. For our pilot project in Argentina, we have chosen the Rio Azul Lago Escondido Protected Natural Area, a region Juliana is proximate to. 

Like Kareri, this region faces threats from tourism and fragmentation of habitats. Most recently, a region very close to the protected natural area was struck by a massive forest fire, lasting for many weeks. Through our workplan, we aim to begin understanding these problems and how we can assist communities in addressing them. 

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