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Brijmohan Yadav is a farmer from the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh in India. The Banda district in this region, where Yadav used to earn a living as a farmer, is infamous for large scale organized and illegal sand mining activities inside riverbeds of rivers such as the Ken and Bagain. He took up a prolonged battle against these activities when sand mining mafia began using his land to ply tractors for the purpose to transporting illegally mined sand. He faced serious threats to his life when he began raising his voice against sand mining in the Uttar Pradesh High Court and National Green Tribunal, forcing him to seek protection through judicial orders. Since 2013, he collected detailed and crucial photographic and videographic evidence that was fundamental in establishing the illegal means used by organized mafia in collecting and transporting sand. He also has a keen understanding of the impact that sand mining has on a riverine ecosystem. His activism has previously been documented by Vice and Al Jazeera

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